Our researchers

Rory O’Connor (Glasgow University), Ellen Townsend (University of Nottingham), Dorothy Auer (University of Nottingham), Marianne Etherson (Glasgow University), Sieun Lee (University of Nottingham), Nitish Jawahar (University of Nottingham) 

Screen media activity (SMA) may play a key role in modulating resilience to mental disorders and self-harm by influencing brain development and, ultimately, the likelihood that self-harm/suicidal thoughts and behaviours emerge when young people experience adversity. Therefore, understanding the role of brain, psychology and the social world in developing resilience to self-harm and suicidality within a digital environment is a pressing need. It is also vital to understand the factors associated with the transition from thoughts of self-harm and suicide to self-harm and suicidal acts. 

We will bring neuroimaging (computational techniques to study the structure and function of the central nervous system) together with biological, social and psychological markers of risk in order gain new understandings of the mechanisms linking brain structure and function to these important contextual factors. 

Project partners

University of Nottingham
University of Glasgow