Our researchers

Louise Arseneault (Kings College, London), Cathy Creswell (University of Oxford), Peter Fonagy (UCL, London), Emily Lloyd (University of Oxford), Marina Jirotka (University of Oxford) Carolyn Ten Holter (University of Oxford), Josimar A. de Alcântara Mendes (University of Oxford)

In this research theme our job is to help organise activities that bring team members working on different parts of the programme together.

To really make the most of the potential of the programme we want to help the research teams focusing on each research project from different parts of the UK and with different specialisms, to keep in touch and learn from each other.

We will help with organising regular meetings and workshops online and in person. We will also be supporting the programme team to work well with organisations such as businesses, government, health services or youth organisations who can help advise us on where we need to focus, what we need to consider and help put any findings into practice.

We want to ensure we make the most of this amazing opportunity and all the expertise we have across the different parts of the programme to ultimately make a difference to child and young people’s mental health.

Responsible Innovation in Research

This means that we are seeking to understand where we can support research on the project so that it anticipates and removes harm from the research process and enables others to act responsibly either when developing new technology or interacting with young people. Our secondary aim is to connect all of the people across the different research projects, in particular our researchers and Sprouting Minds, to foster connection and support within this work so that what is produced at the end, is reflective of the values of the young people it is designed for. 

Project partners

King's College London
University of Oxford